Never, Never and Never to use “rm -rf” command

What happened with my old posts

Yesterday(March 08, 2020) I found my blog server’s disk was coming to be used up so I decided to remove some useless logs to release more space for applications. The disaster every engineer had imagined happened finally. I mistakenly dropped the web root directory. My blog and other sites are lost and unlikely to get them back.

Actions I’ve taken

I tried to recover from that loss but there’s nothing I can do to get those data back because I’m not used to backup data regularly. Although old database is remained, I decide to start a new blog from scratch built on cloud service, and let its provider take care of these messy things.

Future Plans

I’m going to expand my blog topics to more areas of programming while in past I mainly focused on LeetCode problems. I’m going to write blogs regarding algorithms, cloud computing, distributed system, system design, etc. I’m also going to share photos I take daily and write some reviews of my study and work.

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