How to scale a web service?

AFK scale cube is a model for segmenting services.


Horizontal Duplication and Cloning of services and data. Running multiple identical copies of the application behind a load balancer to improve the capacity and the availability of an application.


Functional Decomposition and Segmentation – Microservices (or micro-services)

Y-axis scaling (think services oriented architecture, microservices or functional decomposition of a monolith) focuses on separating services and data along noun or verb boundaries.  e.g. Order system, Auth system, Member sys, etc.


Service and Data Partitioning along Customer Boundaries – Shards/Pods. Z-axis scaling each server runs an identical copy of the code. In this respect, it’s similar to X-axis scaling. However, the big difference is that each server is responsible for only a subset of the data. 


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